The Ancient Order of St Christopher, Awarded to Small Ships Section 2009  

 Honorary Patron Vice-Admiral David Leach A.C., C.B.E., L.V.O., R.A.N. (RT)

Membership of U.S. Army Small Ships Association is open to Veterans, family members of Veterans and those who wish to support the legacy of U.S. Army Transportation Corps and Small Ships Section. Our Members also maintain the Small Ships Section Chapter, Transportation Corps Regimental Association.

Since our Association was Incorporated during 2003 we have accumulated a vast amount of information relating to the Service of Small Ships Section and assisted many Veterans or their descendants to achieve Official Recognition. It is estimated that more than 2,000 Australian families are yet to seek information or recognition in relation to their ancestors Service. Any person who believes their relative served with U.S. Army during WWII is urged to contact the Association via e-mail at

During 2017 our Association commemorated the 75th Anniversary of the formation of Small Ships Section. At our 2017 Annual General Meeting the Committee was elected as follows; President John Brown, Vice-President Frank Finch O.A.M., Vice-President David Lloyd, Treasurer Vernon Kite, Secretary Daniel O’Brien, Committee Members David Emerson, Kathie O’Brien, Neil Sandery, Dan Sapier and Amanda Wilson.

The images below were taken at the Small Ships 75th Anniversary Reunion.

Veteran Don Kennedy, U.S. Consul General Valerie Fowler, Secretary Daniel O’Brien, Veteran Don Campbell & Veteran Peter Lucas.

Philippine Consul General Anne Jolando-on Louis with family members of GEORGE JULIAN ‘SNOWY’ HOWELL V.C.,M.M