Frederick Richards

Fred was a Junior Apprentice at Walsh Bay in ‘43 and sailed on several vessels. With the most amazing clarity Fred recalls his first day on S-141 Mulcra and to hear it would have you in tears of laughter.  Fred’s next ship was S-20 Two Freddies a fifty foot, wooden hulled fishing vessel which took him to Woodlark, Kiriwina and Goodenough Islands. Whilst on the Two Freddies, Fred encountered cyclonic weather. After two days of big seas and hours at the wheel he took a break behind the wheelhouse and sat next to the mast. By chance the  halyard was loose and he started playing with it, wrapping it around his wrist. Next minute she rolled to Port and after hitting the bulwark Fred went overboard. The halyard saved his life as the next big wave threw him back on the deck. They next found a reef big enough to get inside of and there the Two Freddies sat for a few days till the storm had passed.

  Fred Richards at Dawn Service, Martin Place

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